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Happy New Year from FreedomVape !!!

We would like to wish our customers a Very Happy and Prosperous 2016 and wish success to those who have recently switched from smoking analogue cigarettes if part of a healthier New Years resolution.



January Discount

We wish all of our customers a Very Happy New Year filled with luck, good health and happiness. To celebrate, we are offering 10% off all iquids

Just copy and paste the discount code JUICE10 in the shopping basket to obtain discount on any liquids until the end of January.

Coupon is valid from 6th January - 31st January 2016, min order £8.00

All 10ml Botlles -  £4.00 - £3.60 with discount applied

All 30ml Bottles -  £10.00 - £9.00 with discount applied

All 50ml Bottles -  £18.00 - £16.20 with discount applied


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