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Safety Information

Safety Information

Warning: Nicotine is highly addictive.

It is very important that customers who switch to vaping and use electronic cigarettes and their accessories or liquids follow very important safety rules to ensure their safe use. The Government has outlined a few of the important safety rules regarding safe use of batteries and chargers which can be found here.

In addition it is important to add that only the correct charging units and power supplies designed for use with your electronic cigarette should be used as USB wall chargers all have different Amp and Voltage ratings and USB plugs designed to use with a mobile phone or other devices ARE NOT compatible with electronic cigarette chargers and can cause serious damage or risk of fire.

It is important to check that any devices on charge are not overheating and any liquids or residue around the atomisers and screwthreads is removed to ensure safe charging. It is important to remember that batteries are expendable accessories and have a limited lifespan. If you find that your battery is not keeping its charge or failing to charge dispose of it and ensure you do so in an environmentally friendly way.


General Vaping Advice

E-liquids advertised and sold on this site contain distilled water, food grade flavourings, VG (vegetable glycerine) and/or PG (propylene glycol) both of which are food additives deemed safe by the FDA and placed on the 'Generally Recognised As Safe' list. The World Health Organistaion also considers pharmaceutical grade PG as safe for use in food products.

It should be noted that nicotine if ingested in large amounts is a poison and for this reason will not be shipped in quantities containing more than 36mg/ml of nicotine and all efforts should be made by the customer to keep nicotine products out of the reach of children and pets. Nicotine and nicotine related products should not be used if you have an allergy or sensitivity to nicotine or if you are pregnant or nursing. FreedomVape will not be held liable for any risk, damage or harm which results from misuse/mishandling or general use of any or all products purchased from us. 

All efforts should be made by the customer to prevent ingestion of nicotine in its liquid form and thoroughly clean with water any liquid that may come into contact with the skin or onto any work surfaces.

It is important to stress that caution should be taking by anyone creating DIY flavours to ensure products are safe and do not contain any oil derivatives which if vaped can have fatal consequences. If in doubt do not attempt to mix any liquids yourself at home and purchase only from reputable stockists.