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Why are thousands of smokers switching to Vaping?

With the introduction of smoking bans across the globe, developers invented a way of delivering the nicotine provided by conventional cigarettes in a form that did not require a lit flame. By doing so Vapers can now use electronic cigarettes in most places and even on some flights (some airline carriers promote the sale and use of e-cigs) but please seek prior permission.


Unlike conventional  cigarettes, e-cigs do not pollute the environment or harm those around you. There are many advantages to quitting smoking that do not need explained, but by replacing the smoke with a 'smoke-like vapour' delivered by electronic cigarettes you may rid yourself of that lingering tobacco smell and save money in the long term.


Needless to say, quitting nicotine altogether is by far the best and our advised option. But for those who have struggled for years to quit the habit of smoking, they may find switching to electronic cigarettes one giant step on their route to eventually becoming nicotine free.


There is a huge growing online community of Vapers offering advice and tips on various forums where you can chat to thousands of Vapers happy to share their experiences or share their latest flavoured combo of e-liquids (not all tobacco flavoured either e.g caramel, bubble gum, pancake, almond, Marlboro, LnB, Drum to name a few).


There are many tips and reviews of E-Cigs on youtube for those eager to see them in action. You will be amazed at how similar they look and perform compared to conventional smoking.


Freedom Vape are always happy to answer customers questions so feel free to contact us. 


Happy Vaping !!!



Feeling the pinch, our New CASHBACK page gives a few easy tips to save  save £1000's  off your household bills.


Nicotine is a poison and highly addictive and if swallowed in large amounts can be life threatening so please ensure all nicotine products are kept in a safe place and out of reach of children and pets. Clean spills or liquid that may contact the skin. Do not use nicotine products if you are pregnant or nursing. Stop using products and seek medical attention if you suffer any allergic or adverse effects.

It is important to stress that E-Cigarettes are not regulated as yet and caution should be taking by anyone creating DIY flavours to ensure products are safe and do not contain any oil derivatives(essential oils) which if vaped can have fatal consequences. If in doubt do not attempt to mix any liquids yourself at home and purchase only from reputable stockists.

*Orders over £10 are delivered free of charge to Mainland UK & Ireland addresses using 1st Class Royal Mail..